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Our team will provide campus facilities analysis, expertise in college operations, administrative functions, finance, personnel, academic programs, brand identity & market presence, and an assessment of campus real estate and how it might be better utilized to generate revenue.

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Strategic Visioning
& Planning
Learn More The Strategic Visioning and Planning of an institution’s campus, programs, and facilities are crucial in that institution’s long term success. Our team brings the level of mastery required for this planning effort on any campus. Our vast knowledge of every campus building type, a database of space needs of peer and aspirational institutions, and an established, organized and systematic approach to planning makes the Strategic and Visioning process a seamless one for any College or University to undertake. During this process, our team will look at Building Age and Condition, Programming the Physical Campus, Topography and Landscape, Schedule and Costs of Future Projects, Programming the Curriculum, and the Feasibility of Building Repair & Replacement in order to anticipate the future of an institution. This enables the creation of a durable plan that satisfies programmatic needs and maximizes the inherent goodness of a place beyond the foreseeable future.
Real Estate Facilities Assessment & Opportunities 
Learn More A whole building or whole campus facility condition assessment gives owners an analytical overview of their current or future building assets. This big picture view is useful information for master planning, whether for facility upgrades, renovations, or expansions, business function changes or relocations, or facility acquisitions or sales. Our facility condition assessment process and deliverables stand out from other industry providers. Our dedicated team of real estate experts, licensed architects and engineers, construction cost estimators, constructors, and facility engineers collect empirical facility condition assessment data. We use this empirical system and component-level data to create customized solutions. We collaborate with you to develop processes designed to capitalize on existing information and knowledge and tailored to your unique needs.
Community & 
Corporate Engagement
Learn More Community engagement is the “collaboration between institutions of higher education and their larger communities for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity” (Carnegie Foundation). Communities can be local, regional, statewide, national, or international. Our team is expert at identifying and facilitating relationships that can support organizations seeking to create sustainable, mutually beneficial, and impactful partnerships that address critical challenges facing our communities and institutions. We act as facilitators for the necessary conversations and help develop the strategies the create new partnerships and assess existing partnerships.
Curriculum Program
& Development 
Learn More A curriculum presents an academic plan, a designed progression of coursework framing a student’s experience in higher education. Our team is able to navigate today’s shifting ideas of curriculum, focusing on and designing innovative education programs for various learning communities, living and learning programs, experiential and civic programs and core curriculum, while identifying strategies and resources to fund successful programs while increasing student retention, learning outcomes and research opportunities.

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