Our Process

An interdisciplinary approach to explore interrelated challenges and develop innovative solutions  

Our goal is the continued long-term health, effectiveness and social benefits of higher education.  Critical challenges and overwhelming issues threaten many of our institutions of higher learning.  We are here to provide a holistic path to solving those problems using new ways of thinking, new paradigms and innovative approaches. 

Our process begins with a complete analysis of the strategic, academic and facilities plans. From this point we work with you as a team to explore options and opportunities that would strengthen the institution’s assets in order to provide future growth, academic excellence, and ongoing sustainability. 

Checking the institution’s DNA provides us with valuable information regarding social, cultural, and community relationships. 

An outcome of our process will be creating a foundation for future growth, academic excellence, and fiscal security. 

We envision a process that is inclusive relating to all the constituencies of the campus internally and also to the neighboring community at large forming a social/cultural catchment area that will become the focus of our collaborative effort.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein


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